Thursday, September 24, 2015

Falling for Danger

Title: Falling for Danger
Series: Capitol Confession Book 3
Author: Chanel Cleeton
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The author of Flirting with Scandal presents her third book in a sexy contemporary romance series about three sisters in a powerful political family, the scandals that threaten to destroy them, and the passion that drives them…

Kate Reynolds has just graduated from college and is determined to make it on her own. Her job as a junior political analyst at the CIA is a dream come true and the perfect opportunity to find answers about the night that’s plagued her for four years—the night she lost her fiancé, Matt, on a Special Forces mission in Afghanistan. Kate’s consumed with uncovering the truth and avenging the man she loved and lost, even if it means risking her own life to prove that his death wasn’t an accident.

When she gets too close to discovering what happened that fateful night and danger arrives on her doorstep, Kate’s stunned by the man who comes to her rescue. Together, they begin to dig for the truth, fighting to stay alive as they’re dragged down into a world of secrets and lies. But when the threat hits close to home, Kate must choose between vengeance and a future with the man who’s ignited a fire inside her that she thought died long ago.

Kate Reynolds has a new job as a junior political analyst at the CIA, a job that could help her find the answers about what happened to her fiancé Matt, in Afghanistan.
Since she lost him, four years ago, she hasn't been the same person.
Kate has lost her true love, her soulmate. 
But what if digging for the truth could cost her her life? 

Have you ever found a book that sucks you in and leaves you with a smile in the end? Well, Falling for Danger definitely fits into the category. As soon as I started reading it, I was hooked!

I was dying to get my hands on this book and I had a few expectations about it. Let me tell you that I wasn't disappointed, at all!
The story could have taken a turn that I wouldn't have liked and I was a bit worried about it..but I'm happy to say that the book ended up being how I wanted it to be.

I had no idea what to expect from Kate's story and who could be the hero in it..I tried to stay away from reviews, teasers and whatever could spoiler this story for me. I am glad I did because I believe it is better to go in blind!

I loved this book and it was my favorite in the series. Both the characters were great and mature and I had butterflies and goosebumps while reading this story.
I expected the last part of the book to go another way, but I understood why the author took that road and I really liked it nonetheless.

This series has been such a great surprise and I'm a little sad that it is over. 
I'm definitely going to read more by Chanel Cleeton!

Romance and mystery come together in this story to make an intriguing, sweet book that will suck you in and hold you captive until the very end.

Kate Reynolds lost her fiance four years ago when his military unit was hit, and has never been the same since. Not because she is grieving his loss, but because she knows that there is something deeper than a mission gone wrong going on, and that her father is apart of it. She has dedicated her life since then to finding out the answers to what really happened. 

She just never expected her fiance to show up at her apartment, alive and well. Matt has been hiding from the people after him for years, but has always kept an eye on his one true love. But when the same people he's hiding from start targeting Kate, he know's he can't hide any longer.

Kate is beyond happy that Matt is back with her again, but they are both involved in a dangerous game and they will have to uncover the secrets hidden in a world of politics before time runs out. 
This book was full of so many questions and I honestly had no idea what would happen or how it would end. I loved the mystery and I kept trying to guess what would happen next, but I was always wrong! I really thought I knew how it would end but I really had no idea. I loved that the story kept me on my toes and proved me wrong time and time again. 

I loved the characters and Matt and Kate both were so tough and determined to finally get all of the secrets out in the open. They could have run from everything and just let it be but they stayed and fought until the very end. I thought it was great that they wouldn't give up. Even after years apart they got back together like they had never spent even a day apart and worked amazingly well together. 

So why only 3.5 stars?
I really did like this story and the mystery behind all of the secrets and danger had my attention from the very beginning. But the romance felt lacking to me. Matt came back, basically, from the dead but it wasn't a big reunion. After the initial freak out of, "holy shit, you're alive" Kate kind of just accepted the fact and they both went on with their lives together again. I guess I was just expecting a little more romance than what we got. 

The ending fell short for me, and I wanted more from it. I just wasn't happy with how all of it played out in the end and left me wanting more. The last 10% was just pretty meh. 

Overall, this book is definitely worth a read if you like a mystery along with your romances. I guarantee you that it will not disappoint your suspense needs and will make you question everything.

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