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Title: Forever
Series: Phoenix Book 3
Author: Zoe Danielle
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Matt -
I can't believe it's happening again.
My heart is being ripped to shreds daily.
I can't bare it anymore.
I can't see her like this.

Casey -
I need him now.
More than ever.
But every day I feel like I'm losing him.
That mixed with every thing else makes me wonder why I'm even bothering to fight anymore.

"I love her"
"I love him"

But is love really enough?
Can love really last.... FOREVER?

This is the final book 2 the series an OMG was it heartbreaking Casey is my hero God this woman is kick ass she as cancer an she is not going down without a fight she as a lot 2 fight 4 an her fiance is going 2 b with her every step of the way they have been through so much shit an it just keeps coming she as her family an friends with her but they need a break things get really hard 4 both of them in this book they r both dealing with there own stuff an it's not easy on any of them 

This book was good I couldn't put it down an I thought the story was really good but I was upset nearly al the way through it I couldn't believe what Casey had 2 go through an then Matt was dealing with personal stuff there was other stuff that still needed 2 b dealt with like the bitch that is Julie an she couldn't stay away God I hate that woman but it kills me 2 same that Matt did annoy me in parts I know he was dealing with stuff but Casey needed him an he wasn't there this was a lil upsetting 4 me I did want 2 slap him 

I thought the way the book was written was really good Zoe did real good I did think it was a bit rush towards the end I wanted 2 know a bit more about Julie an what happened I did miss the sexy time in this book I know I m just dirty haha I also wanted 2 know more about what happened after as well it just finished a bit 2 quick but I still did like the book 

This series is really good it hot with a lot of drama an Matt is a hot piece of ass what more could u want Zoe well done can't wait 4 more if her work xxx

ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

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