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Dark Secrets

Title: Dark Secrets
Author: Jessica Gadziala
Publication Date: December 3, 2016

There’s a reason Faith works at Lam, a known mafia bar, despite the fact that she doesn’t have a drop of hospitality kindness or any apparent respect for men who could easily take her life. 

There is also a reason Danny is the new bartender there. And that reason has nothing to do with the decades-long bartending experience he lied about on his resume. 

So when passions emerge and become too much to deny anymore, they each scramble to try to protect their secrets- Faith, the deal she made with the devil to get and keep a job she obviously had no interest in and why; Danny, the real reason he was at Lam. 

But, as with all secrets, the truth will always find its way to the light.

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I hope Jessica Gadziala doesn't have any plans for the next few years because the list of characters I'm going to need her to write about just tippled. Dark Secrets was my first time meeting any of these characters and they were absolutely amazing. Even just the secondary ones that we got the smallest glimpse of have me more curious than I thought possible. I love that this author can make me crazy with curiosity from just the tiniest hint of something. 

Faith has been a bartender at Lam for the past ten years and has a reputation for being fast with her fists. But her toughness comes in handy when working at a bar owned by the D'Onofio's, a mob family no one wants to mess with. Other than her that is, she's one of the only people that can get away with not bowing down to Vin D'Onofio, but she'll never tell why that is.

Danny is hired as Lam's newest bartender but he's there for more than just slinging drinks. Just like Faith, he has his own secrets that he's not willing to share. What he will share, though, is how much he wants Fatih and that he'll do anything to have the tough-as-nails bartender all for himself. 

I can't get over how much I liked this couple, especially Faith. This author has the very unique ability to write tough, yet vulnerable, heroines and Faith was the epitome of that. She could handle herself in any situation but we still got to see her accept help when needed and I loved that about her character. Her true strength wasn't her Krav Maga skills, it was her ability to accept her weaknesses and push past them. 

And of course I loved Danny and all his sexiness. I adored how he didn't let Faith run from him when she wanted to hide from her attraction. I fell for him the very moment he made his entrance and my love for him never stopped. 

Bottom line, you need to read this book if you like strong heroines and sexy as all get out heroes. I can't believe I haven't met these characters already but I plan on going to read Dark Mysteries asap to catch up on everyone's lives. 

Want to know more about these secondary characters? Dark Mysteries is available now! 

XANDER RHODES is a private investigator known for taking cases that other PIs wont touch (and perhaps pushing the lines of legality in order to help his clients) is suffering from sleepless nights and a fall in confidence having failed his last case... protecting a woman from a malicious stalker. 

One night, a woman shows up at his office, battered and begging for help. She herself is dealing with a stalker. 

What he doesn't know, however, is that ELLIE is hiding things from him. A dark and troubled past that threatens to put her, and his, life in jeopardy. 

Among trying to figure out the mystery of the woman begging asylum at his apartment, Xander is forced to deal with his growing attraction to her. Will he be able to reconcile his feelings for her or put the pieces of her life together and help her before it is too late?

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Xander is a private investigator. When a girl turns up at his office/apartment messed up he just had to help her. Ellie had been on the run for year. Tryin to get away from the hell she once lived in. But things were starting to catch up with her. So she needed to get help. Ellie had heard great things about Xander and knew he would be right for the job. Ellie didn't have anywhere to go she had to stay with Xander at his place. He didn't really care there was something about her that made him want to protect her. She wasn't his type at al but she was very beautiful. After spending time together while he was working stuff out they got closer. But she couldnt get close to anyone cause she would alway be on the run cause he would alway find her.

Xander is a really hard ass and this makes him great at his job. Everyone knew how good he was at his job. He was known by everyone around the area he would help anyone. Xander didn't do relationships but there was something about Ellie. He couldnt get out of his head. Like I said she wasn't his type but she need him and he made her feel special. Ellie hadn't felt that way in a long time.

Ellie is a sweet girl she has been through so much. Her ex is a totally arsehole and made her life hell. She had no choice she had to get away and she would do anything she had to do. Xander was the only person that could help her at this time. After hearing how good he was she knew he was the man she needed. I just don't think she knew how hot Xander would be. Xander wasnt bald or fat like she expected the PI to be. No he was big, strong and very sexy. This made it hard for her to keep her head out of the gutted. It had been a very long time since she had thought like she did around him. The only thing is she couldn't get close to anyone cause they alway get hurt. 

Like al the books from this author. I really enjoyed it. I was dyin to know how things were going to go for Ellie. She is a brilliant character and had gone through hell. My heart broke for her. Xander is so good it was great seeing how he was with Ellie. The way she got under his skin was great. They were just meant to be. 

I really enjoyed this story. Once it got started I couldn't get enough of it. I would recommend it. I m delighted I read this before I started the new book in this series. They can be read as a standalone. I'm just one of them people how have to read in order. 

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