Saturday, October 3, 2015

Keeping What's His

Title: Keeping What's His
Series: Porter Brother's Trilogy Book 1
Author: Jamie Begley
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The Porter Brother's were raised to live and die by Three Rules

One, a Porter stands his ground

Two, a Porter leaves no enemy standing


Sutton Creech was a cheat and a liar. Tate Porter had found that out when he was eighteen, and he had no intention of letting her make a fool out of him again. He didn’t care how much pain he saw in her eyes or how old memories tugged at his unforgiving heart until, the night a hidden secret is revealed and everything Tate had believed about their past is shattered, proving he had let the woman he loved get away.

Between trying to protect his family and running their pot growing business, Tate doesn't have time to play the "Nice Guy". He'd just have to remember the most important rule his father had given them: A Porter always keeps what's his.

"If we fall, we'll do it together."

In High School, Tate Porter and Sutton Creech were the couple that never should have been together. He was the hillbilly, weed grower and she was the daughter of a judge, good girl. But when Sutton spends a summer with her Pap and it puts her in close proximity of Tate the two can't stay away from each other. Together through both easy and hard times they promise each other a lifetime of happiness. Until Sutton betrays Tate the night of Prom and then moves away for school, leaving him behind. 

Eighteen years later Sutton is back in town to make amends wrongs she did and to set the record straight for the ones she didn't do. Tate doesn't want Sutton back in town to remind him of her betrayal, but when someone tries to frame him for murder he ends up needing Sutton's help. Hiding out with her in her Pap's cabin they finally have a chance to clear the air between them. Sutton just wants to be able to move on with her life, but now that Tate knows the truth, he isn't letting her get away again.

"A Porter always keeps what's his."

When I found out the Porter's were getting their own book I literally jumped up and down. I just knew these crazy ass boys would have fantastic stories and Tate's book just proved it for me. I loved Tate and Sutton together, they were fun and crazy but also sweet and lovable and I loved the emotional rollercoaster they sent me on. 

Tate was stubborn and set in his ways but I found his character hilarious at times, especially when he was around his brothers. Most people thought he was just the dumb hillbilly who grew the good weed, but he actually had a lot more to his character. He was pretty smart and he cared an enormous amount for his family. I really loved how close all of the porter's were and how easy they accepted Sutton into their lives. 

I actually really liked Sutton, which is surprising because I was nervous about her character for some reason. After she left town she had a hard life and lived through some really horrible things that not everyone could survive. I admired the strength she had to be able to come back from that and try to move on. She was, understandable, nervous about being back with Tate, when he started to make a play for her, but I really liked how she faced her fears and gave their relationship a chance again.

At the end I struggled a bit with the relevance of Cheryl's situation,and just the overall end to the mystery killer. Other than that I loved this story and I'm already waiting for the next Porter brother to get his girl.

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