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Title: Burn
Series: Brothers of Ink and Steel Book 2
Author: Allie Juliette Mousseau
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Liam Knight, a sexy panty-melting, hard-bodied streetfighter and renowned tattoo artist, is rising up the ranks of the UFC Middleweight Division, but he’s about to get knocked out by his past.
Quinn Kelley is a semester away from becoming a college graduate when her mother’s death sends her spiraling, forcing her to go back to her hometown and a past she can’t outrun.

Nearly a decade ago, Liam and Quinn fell in love while surviving on the city streets together, but they were torn apart by one irreversible night. Now each has moved forward without the other, but like a tattoo on the heart, absolute love creates a lasting burn.

Quinn has kept a tight rein on her emotions, but with the passing of her mother, the foundation she’s built begins to crack. Will seeing Liam again crumble her fortress to the ground, uncovering the flame that still burns? Or will it extinguish the fire forever?

Liam’s tough exterior and resentful demeanor hides more than a wounded heart. He’s tormented by guilt over what happened to Quinn—and the secret he kept, even from her. But revealing his secrets would require unearthing the all-consuming monster he keeps caged in the darkest part of his soul, the one that threatens to devour him.

When they’re given a second chance, will they let go of their fear and pride and let the flame between them become one?

Or will the heat burn them both?

Liam and Quinn met when they were teenagers living on the streets. Both went in and out of different foster homes before meeting and running from their horrible lives with each other. They end up at North house together, where the "Core Eight" was formed. Eight unlucky people brought together at Cade North's group home and forming a bond after tragedy strikes one of their own. 

Quinn ran ten years ago and left Liam, never speaking to or seeing any of her friends again. Now she's back and brings painful memories with her. Liam has been unable to move on from her betrayal all of these year and now that she's back, he isn't sure he can forgive her.

This was a really emotional book and dealt with some pretty heavy issues. I loved the bond that Liam and Quinn formed when they were so young and in a situation not everyone could handle. They turned their lives around together when they were young and even after years of not seeing each other that bond has not broken. It was great to see that their love for one another never faded.

Liam and Quinn were a really cute couple and I was rooting for them to be together. It wasn't an easy journey that they had but they always had each others back and I loved that. Their stories were heartbreaking but I think that the author handled the deeply emotional parts really well. I did want a little more of Liam's story, though, since we didn't actually hear the worst parts until near the end and then it wasn't brought up again. We finally were told the full story of what happened to Quinn near the end, also, but we never heard of how she dealt with it once she left town. 

The book goes back and forth from the present to the past and shows when Liam and Quinn met to when their relationship fell apart and then to now. It kind of felt like two different couples that I was reading about since their young selves were so different. The majority of the book seemed to be in the past and a lot of the beginning of the story wasn't them together. I honestly feel like we didn't get a lot of their story from the present and I was getting annoyed every time we jumped back to the past.

Overall, this was a good story that killed my emotions. I recommend this book to anyone that likes lots of angst and heartbreak and a sexy story of two people putting each others heart back together. I do recommend that Dare is read first, but it's not fully necessary. 

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