Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Jack Hammer

Title: Jack Hammer
Series: The Stripped Duet Book 1
Authors: Tabatha Vargo & Melissa Andrea
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laine Wesley

I’m the Jack Hammer. Exotic dancer extraordinaire. The teaser and the pleaser—the paid for penis for play. I have to be all these things to survive. It’s who I became when I lost her. But now she’s back, and I can’t decide who I want to be more. The Jack Hammer or Blaine Wesley. All I know is she’s foreplay at its finest, and it’s my job to get them wet and ready.

Chelsey Ford

Liar. That’s what I called him when he walked out of my life. Losing your first love will turn you into someone bitter. Hateful. Angry. But now he’s back, and he’s determined to torture me. The only problem is, I’m enjoying his form of torture too much. And the hatred for him that holds me together is slowly starting to dissolve.

Blaine Wesley is 1 hot piece of ass an al the girls in school thinks so 2 but Chelsey Ford hadn't really noticed until her bag broke an her books went flying everywhere but when she saw him wow did she c him Chelsey is a very hard working girl she is never late alway gets things done on time an never lets boys get in her way her parents r very strict so when Blaine started playing her a lil attention she was wondering what was going on boys didn't pay her attention but she did found that she was liking his attention things were going good they did have a few ups an down but he alway worked his way back there words 2 each other could b bad an cut drip with each other they were from very different parts of society an sometimes they found that this did get in the way sometimes after getting where they were both happy things went really wrong an I mean really wrong they had a huge misunderstanding an ended up not seeing each other so fast forward 6 yrs an things were a lot different Blaine was now a very popular stripper called JACK HAMMER an god was he good he was a lot bigger an had hot tattoos an the ladies luvd him so when he sees Chelsey after 6 yrs there r very mixed emotions between both of them they have been through so much an there is things they don't know about what happened but just like b4 there words cut very deep an they hurt each other so bad sometimes it's hard but they need each other so much but there relationship needs so much work 

Chelsey is a great character she wants 2 do so well in life but the luv she as 4 Blaine is stronger an she does need him an she does let her guard down an then look what's happens so she doesn't know if she can let it down again but her heart is still in luv with him even after everything she went through after he left her body would still want him she knew when he was looking at her there connection was so strong they would just fit together so good there sexual chemistry was so hot they there bodies would b crying 4 each other 

Blaines life had gone a lil upside down after he left an doing 2 jobs was hard work but it's what he had 2 do 2 keep money coming in an seeing Chelsey brought back everything he wanted 2 push away but he had never 4got her an he never would but his words could hurt so much I wanted 2 punch him sometime 4 being so hurtful 2 her

I did find this heartbreaking in part I felt so sorry 4 them they have been through so much I want 2 hug them so tight an make it better

This book was really good an I enjoyed it so much Blaine was hot in the beginning but seein him as Jack Hammer OMG he was so hot I mine smoking hot I would luvd 2 of seen him work them hips magic mike as nothing on this guy
Some parts of this book were so hard an didn't c it coming but the way they dealt with could if been better but then I understand at the same time I just really want them 2 b together they were so good 4 each other
I recommend this book it was so good I luvd the characters the story an how it was wrote it was just a really good read xxx

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