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Bleeding Love Blog Tour

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Title: Bleeding Love
Series: Hope Town Book 2
Author: Harper Sloan
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I've loved once. I gave everything that I had to that love. Blindly believing that nothing could ever take that feeling away from me. Away from us. And when my little world of happiness was ripped from my fingers, I felt a loss that still haunts me to this day. 
Now I use that lingering grief as a shield to keep my heart from loving again. It's that fear that keeps me from letting anyone, except my daughter, get close enough to make it hurt. To make my heart bleed when I inevitably lose again. 
Until the day I met Liam Beckett and everything I thought I had protected myself from was shoved back in my face. 
He's on a mission to prove to me that a love worth having is a love worth fighting for.


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Megan lost her husband a few years ago and is now left with her daughter and no one else. Alone in the world she doesn't know how to open up to her new found friends, and she especially doesn't know how to accept Liam as a part of her and her daughter's life. Liam is done waiting though, and he is going to make Megan his and show her how to feel alive again. He won't take no for an answer and he'll use all his skills to get what he wants.

Bleeding Love was such a beautiful story and for a lot of it my eyes were doing that stupid thing where they leak. Liam was so kind and patient with Megan and pushed her to come back to the land of the living again so she didn't miss out on her life. He fell in love with her the second he looked into her eyes and saw the pain and the life battling to be free. From that moment he was determined to be the person that helped her defeat the sadness.

After half of the book of Liam being super sweet and caring and just overall loving, I just couldn't take any more! It became too sweet and lovey dovey, and I just started to roll my eyes at Liam. He was a little alpha and pushy in getting Megan to open up but then he just became sickly sweet and always had to mention how much he loved her and have these overly sweet conversations about his love. 

Megan finally opened up to Liam about her past and he was understanding and helpful but then that was it and it just went back to more mushiness. I liked the overall story and it was really touching but I just couldn't handle anymore talk about love. I liked the book and recommend it to just everybody because this author is amazing, sadly though, this book just wasn't my favorite of hers. 

ARC kindly provided in exchange for a honest review. 

A few years ago, Megan lost her husband and father of her beautiful daughter, Molly. 
From that moment, Megan has pulled through just for her daughter's sake, but the light in her eyes is gone. She shut down and she doesn't let anyone in, except for Molly.
Liam has felt a connection with Megan from the first moment and he will try everything in his power to bring her back to life.

"I know what I want. I know who I want.
I also know in order to have those things, I will be fighting the hardest fight I've ever fought.”

But will Megan be able to let Liam into her life? Will she be able to open up to someone else again? 

This story was about trust. Megan has been through a lot in her life and she is scared to hurt again. The only way to protect herself is to keep everyone at arm's length.

I really liked Megan, I could feel her struggle and I loved to see her feel and live again.
I liked Liam too, he was amazing to Megan and Molly, he was sweet, caring, affectionate and patient.

"A love worth having, is worth fighting for.”

My favorite character in this book was Molly. This little girl stole my heart!

I liked and enjoyed this story, but something was missing and Liam sometimes was a bit too sweet and cheesy.

With that being said, I still recommend this book to Harper Sloan's fans, you definitely don't want to miss this one! 

Copy kindly provided in exchange for an honest review. 

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