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Something Wicked

Title: Something Wicked 
Author: Teresa Mummert
Publication Date: May 26, 2015
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Gabby plays a very dangerous game...
Drake is eager to teach her the rules. 

Gabby wants nothing more than to be an author, but she is stuck working for a magazine that she despises. When she is tasked to interview an actor at a movie premiere, she reluctantly sets off to do her job. Drake doesn't make it easy for her and she lets her frustration get the best of her. She is soon thrown into his world and in over her head. 


Gabriella is a journalist for Epic Mag, writing puff pieces about celebrities, and hating that she can't be writing her romance novel. Her current assignment is to go to a movie premier for the new Drake Gibson movie. Being a tell-it-like-it-is kind of girl she has no problem telling Drake that he is an asshole while there. Until he focuses his intense stare onto her, that is. Thinking she is going to lose the job she does as her boss wants, and goes to the after party to find Drake and apologize. What she finds once she gets there, though, isn't a guy who wants an apology, but a guy who wants her.

Something Wicked is hot, hot, hot. I loved Drake's intensity in and out of the bedroom and wanted more! From the beginning you can tell that he has darkness in him that is just clawing to get out, and from the first second you see it, the story drags you in and makes you want to see more of it. His character definitely had flaws, and there were times I just wanted to smack him silly, but for the most part I just wanted him. 

"She wanted to hate me, but her body gave way to her real feelings. If she had any idea of the things I wanted to do to her, she’d run." ~ Drake

Gabby wasn't the type of person that bowed down to others, and I loved seeing that. She definitely wasn't going to fall at Drake's feet and worship him like so many others do, and that's what intrigued both Drake and me as a reader. It made the story so interesting to see what else she would say to him that would be a shock. Especially after she called him an asshole haha. She loved reading romance, and daydreaming that her life was like one of her books, which made me love her so much because it was so relatable. I just wish that we could have seen what happened with her book. 

The only problem I had with the story was the ending. It was too neatly wrapped up, and ended very quickly. I also would have liked to see more of Drake and Gabby after all of the drama. We see a fierce love affair between the two characters at first but it seemed to dwindle down and I kept waiting for it to get scorching again.

Overall, this was a very smexy story with great characters and a great story of how they got together. This was my first book by Teresa Mummert but it will definitely not be my last.

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