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Risk It

Title: Risk It
Series: Rule Breakers Book 4
Author: Jennifer Chance
Publication Date: June 2, 2015
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Jennifer Chance’s Rule Breakers series turns up the heat as a wealthy playboy and a beautiful con artist engage in a high-stakes game of seduction.

As dominating in business as he is in bed, Rand Sterling Winston, IV, always gets what he wants. And even before he realizes that she’s scammed him into paying triple the cost for her friend’s painting, he wants Dani Michaels. To catch her alone, Rand demands she personally deliver his purchase. The attraction between them is immediate and electric, and he knows she feels it, too. So when the part-time petty thief rebuffs his advances, he gives her a choice: a night in jail or an evening with him.

Despite her checkered past, Dani has never met someone like Rand: brooding, intense, and oh-so tempting. Only a man with a broken soul could make losing control feel this dangerous. Still, when Rand proposes a no-strings, no-holds-barred affair, Dani’s more than a little intrigued. It’ll be the trickiest con she's ever run and a chance to indulge her steamiest fantasies—nothing more. But as their encounters grow increasingly intimate, Dani uncovers a vulnerable side to Rand’s steely exterior . . . and opens her heart to the ultimate risk. 


This is the fourth book in the Rule Breakers series, but can be read as a Standalone. It is a fun, intriguing, sexy read about two different people coming together in a spark of chemistry and pushing each other to their limits. 

Dani is a con artist who grew up rough. She follows no ones rules but her own, and lives life in the moment, rather than letting past regrets put her down. Rand, Mr. Richie Rich, is an in control business man, used to getting what he wants. After Dani con's him into buying one of her friends paintings, Rand decides she is what he wants. But he'll have to work a little harder than usual to get what he wants this time.

"I would like to see you again, Dani. Tonight. Tomorrow. Next week." 
"Well, um, thank you, I guess. But no thank you."

I really liked Dani's character and how tough she was. She didn't let anything or anyone stop her from going after what she wanted. Behind her tough exterior, though, she had a soft, kind side to her and wanted to protect the people close to her. 
Rand was the perfect mix of possessive Alpha and caring guy. He surprised me throughout the book and turned out to be more than just another rich guy using his money to get what he wanted. Not growing up with the best of childhoods, he was constantly working to move forward from the past, and it was great to see how he strove to succeed each day.
I did feel there were some minor issues not resolved by the end of the book but overall this was a great read and I will be looking forward to more from the author. 

ARC kindly provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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