Friday, January 6, 2017


1 war
2 people trying to find love among the wreckage
5 big surprises
The fate of entire beloved organization in the balance
= one big, sexy, bloody, hell of a ride.

I was a lil curious about Renny he could read people very easily it was what set him apart from the rest of the men. Renny is a great character his personality. He is flirty as a dirty mouth but can be so moody as well but is past has a lot to do with that and my heart went out to him so much.

Mina is a lot like Renny she as the same skills he does so when there together its even stronger. Mina is quite quiet she as been working for Hailstorm for years and as started coming out of her shell over the years. So working at the Henchmen MC took her a lil bit out of her comfort zone but Renny didn't really give her much room for that. There attraction was strong even though Mina fought it but she didn't know Renny and Renny wasn't letting her get away end of story. They both have secrets that they don't want to tell but some times they just have to be told. 

I was so so so dyin for this book. After the way the last book in this series ended. I needed to know what would happen. I did get a lil worried in the first half of the book but the second half of the book was just brilliant. It was back to the action that I wanted. The Henchmen MC are full of hard strong men that don't let anything happen to them and after what the MC have been through people needed to pay. The MC was turned upside down and things happened to people that it just shouldn't have. So I was glad that there was some closure on that I think my heart was in my mouth in a few parts. We also got more character thrown in this as well. So I m looking forward to more from them. 

This author is just brilliant an as become one of my favorites. Her books r so good. There always full of action really hot men and super sassy woman that would give any man a run for his money. I did find there was some of that action missing. I wanted to know more about who was causing the problems. That being said I still enjoyed it and the last 50% was just what I wanted but I always want more I never want the books to end. 

"Now that I had her, I had no fucking plans on letting her go."

I've been curious about Renny for awhile now and I'm so happy I finally got to explore that crazy mind of his. Renny is a character that is very unique because of what he observes. He's constantly watching others and figuring out what their motives are, and to read about him doing that was very interesting. Then Jessica Gadziala throws in another character that does the same thing, Mina, and upped the level of awesomeness in this story. 

Mina was trained since she was little to always watch people, so, like Renny, she's constantly observing the people around her and trying to determine what makes them tick. Unlike Renny, she uses her ability in order to get the others to stay away from her. Until Renny enters her life and decides he isn't going to let her run from him or the feelings they have for one another. 

Mina and Renny had amazing chemistry and their connection was one that kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time reading. I was so invested in their relationship that I refused to put this book down until I found out if Mina was going to put aside her fears to be with Renny or not. Jessica could not have picked a better woman for Mina and I absolutely loved how much they suited each other

As much as I loved their relationship, the overall book started to lose me in places. After the last book where so much crazy shit happened that shocked me to my very core, I think I was expecting another action-packed story like that and this just wasn't it. I kept waiting for the big blow up to happen but it never did so by the end I was left wanting a little more. 

Nevertheless, if you haven't read this series yet then you are seriously missing out. These characters will have you feeling like you can kick anyone's ass while also making your heart melt into a puddle of goo. 

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