Monday, July 18, 2016

Blood to Dust

His name is Beat, and I should hate him.

Bound, blindfolded and bruised, I'm tied in his basement, waiting for the men who stripped me from clothes and humanity to collect his debt to them. Me.

His name is Nate and I should hate him, but I don't.

I'm not supposed to know his real name, even worse, I'm not supposed to care. He is nothing to me but means to an end. The plan is simple: break free, collect the pieces of my broken soul, kill the bastards and run away.

His name is Nathaniel Thomas Vela, and I've never seen his face, though I hear that it's beautiful.

Behind the rugged and handsome exterior, there's a quiet murderer, a killer who thinks guns are for pussies and ends people with his bare hands.

His name doesn't matter, neither does his face, but what does matter is my heart. And right now, sadly, it's his.

Blood to Dust is a standalone, full-length novel. It contains graphic violence and adult situations some may find offensive.

This book is just brilliant I enjoy it so much in a twisted point of view it's going so much going on but the need for revenge is top on the list an getting toward that revenge is just great an sometimes smoking hot this story had me hooked from the first page

The story is about Prescott and Nate they r both from very different lives but r the same in lots of ways they have had to deal with a lot an r still dealing with shit when they work out a few issues between them an start working together they r a really strong team but this doesn't mean that thing go smooth cause this story is far from smooth there r so many twists an turns going on from the beginning an it's not easy for these two to work together cause they r meant to b against each other

I have to say I was on the edge throughout this book I was dying to know what the hell was going to happen I loved both main characters Prescott is so strong an super sassy an my heart went out to her from the start the shit them scumbag put her through but she could see what she had to do to get her life back an she wouldn't stop until she did it an she would take down anyone who got in her way an if that was Nate then so be it 

Ante had his own reasons for wanting to revenge on the scumbags they had manipulated him when he was at his lowest an when he needed help so they used that against him but I think they just thought he was just a pretty boy Ye he was strong an big an don't forget super sexy god this guy is hot with his pretty boy looks but it's,the way he carries himself that had me sucked in he can but super crazy an do mad things but then he can b soft an gentle an when Prescott started telling him her story that's where the walls started coming down an this was the same for Prescott once she saw what Nate had gone through she had to have him they were both getting to each other but they had both not expected to start feeling the way they did for each other they had there end plans an each other wasn't in them

I have to say this author is just brilliant I've loved all her books they r dark which sometimes I have to say don't like but I always end up loving these books so much an this was just the same like I said I was gripped from the first page an reading how's things happened I was wanting to shout in parts an fist pump in others it had me so sucked in this book had everything that I love about the characters were great an some totally screwed up the story had twists and turns drama all over the place some kick ass action an some really sexy hotness an the best thing was just getting revenge on horrible people that didn't deserve to b alive see my head is still in the book haha I highly recommend this book an author there just awesome xxx 

Prescott: Drug dealer, beautiful, kidnapped. 
Placed in the care of Beat, she's nothing more than a hostage trying not to go crazy. She knows her fate - she's lived it before. Bound, broken, hurt. She needs to escape before that happens, which means she needs to get close to Beat. Make him trust her, make him join her side. Then she gets to know Nate, her captor, her savior...her love? 

Nathaniel: Convict, guilty, indebted.
He has to hold her captive if he want's to live. He know's what's going to happen to her but he can't let himself care. Don't touch her, keep her alive, and never let her see his face. Those are the rules he must not break. But once she starts speaking to him, it's like Nate can see into her soul. And he can't let her die, even if it means the end of his life. 

I fell in love with L.J Shen's writing after reading Sparrow, and when I started Blood to Dust, I honestly wasn't sure if anything could come close to how amazing that book was. But I put my faith in Ms. Shen and it definitely paid off, because I loved this story. I have to admit it took a bit of time for me to get into it, but once I sat down with no distractions and started reading again, a bomb could have gone off and I wouldn't have noticed. That's how into this story I was and how captivated the characters had me.

Pea and Nate had so many hidden depths to them that it made me crazy trying to figure out all their secrets. I loved how we slowly got to learn their past and got the secrets when the other character finally learned them. Pea, while reading Nate's journey and Nate while listening to Pea's story telling. It made it really easy to connect with the characters because it was like we were on this crazy and dangerous mission along with them.

I loved the raw and unapologetic chemistry Pea and Nate had. The need they had for each other could be felt burning off of the pages, and I enjoyed getting to see them both let go of what they should do and take what they needed.. Together they were sexy as hell, in a depraved kind of way that had me squirming in my seat.

Blood to Dust twisted the usual captive/captor read and turned it into a Bonnie and Clyde type of bloody story. Setting off together, Pea and Nate turned the whole book into a totally different story, and it was brilliant. The author perfectly showed the changing emotions between these two characters and it made me love them even more. Pea was Nate's weakness, the one person that he would sacrifice everything for, and he was the one thing that made Pea vulnerable. I really liked that we got to see those weaknesses from them because it made them real, and not just the typical character you read about.

The author captures your attention with this story and forces you to watch as two strong characters use their vulnerabilities to get the vengeance they have yearned for for far too long. Overall, this is a book any fan of a tough heroine and a sexy badass Hero will enjoy.

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