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Nick Sebring has issues. Born feeling like an outsider in his own family, growing up under the shadow of a brother who could do anything, Nick isn’t that great of a guy. But when this culminates with Nick lashing out to hurt his brother through the woman he loves, Nick turns inward and makes some decisions about the man he intends to be.

And as he does this, he falls in love and truly learns the man that he’s grown to be.

When his love is murdered right before Nick’s eyes, Nick knows he has to avenge her. He knows how he’s going to avenge her. And he has no qualms using Olivia Shade to exact that vengeance.

Olivia Shade has grown up on the outside of her family too. Her problem is that they don’t want her outside. They want her all the way in, right under their thumbs. She pays the price for seeking escape and learns her lesson—she’ll never see a dawn where she wakes up free.

Then she meets Nick Sebring, and even as she fights it, the hope that died years ago starts to blossom. She can find love. She can have a man of her own. She can be happy. She can be free.

Olivia hopes while Nick schemes.

However, as Nick peels back the layers of all that is Olivia Shade, he finds something surprising. He understands its fragility. He falls in love with its beauty. He seeks to protect it.

But he forgets to protect his Livvie from one thing: Nick Sebring.
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Yet another book where us readers are supposed to let go of our grudges and forgive a character. Rarely is it possible that I will like a character once they did something to get on my bad side, and Nick got on my bad side in a big way. But this is KA we're talking about, and if anyone can do it, it's her. 

I went in to this blind, without looking at more than a few reviews, and having no idea what could happen once I met Nick Sebring as the Hero and not the douche-bag brother of my favorite KA man. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by what I read and I honestly didn't think I would be able to like him as much as I did. 

Nick made many mistakes in his past and he knows he did wrong, but five years ago when everything went to shit and he lost his woman he knew things needed to change. He stopped relying on other people to help him and learned how to help himself. Now he isn't just the fuck up brother of Knight Sebring, he's Nick Sebring, badass protector. But he will never forget the look his woman gave him before she was shot and killed, and he will never give up on getting revenge until the House of Shade is finally taken down. And he found his perfect way in.

Olivia Shade exists in the world, but she does not live. She drives her fancy car, and lives in a big ass house, but it's all a prison designed by her dad. She tried to run once before, thought she could finally be happy and live her life, but she was dead wrong and she learned the lesson to never run go against her father again. Now she's back to existing, other than the moments she can escape and go the club. At the club she can get that fleeting moment where her guard is down and she can relax. But then she comes in contact with Nick, and he burrows his way into her life and then into her heart. But can Olivia take the chance on Nick and go against her father again? 

Reading a book by Kristen Ashley is unlike reading any other book. I know exactly what I'm going to get, and that's a fantastic book. There hasn't been one book yet that I didn't like and her unique style of writing always has a way of sucking me right into the world she creates and makes me forget reality. This book was no different than that and I completely ignored life once I started this book - no, really, I even forgot to eat dinner and made everyone leave me alone.

Sebring had that little bit of suspense that keeps you captivated, and some seriously hot times. Nick and Olivia together were really sexy and their scenes melted my panties right off. I loved seeing them fight each other for dominance and how neither of them wanted to give it up. They had this push and pull type of chemistry that was really fascinating to see. 

The ending is what made my rating go down to a 4 Star. I liked it, and thought it was great to get a glimpse of the rest of the characters from this series, but the issue was resolved a little too quickly for me. We didn't really get to see much of what happened that led up to Nick and Olivia's problem being solved, and I wanted more details on that. 

Bottom line, this book is a must read. I'm sure other people are just as nervous about Nick as I was. But I promise that if you give this book a try it will be worth it and Nick was completely redeemed. KA didn't just make us try to forget how much of a douche he was, we got to see how sorry he was for what he did, and that is what made me life him. 

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