Tuesday, January 19, 2016


I’m that girl…
The girl every woman loves to hate.
The one your man dreams about.
I live up to my name…
And this is my story.

She needs something. Something Devil’s Renegade MC Sergeant at Arms Bryce is more than willing to give. But he’s not the kind of man who asks. He takes. And soon, he will take her. He’ll dominate her. He’ll captivate her. She’ll be his—no patches…no property…no titles. Only her. Only him.
She thinks this is her story to tell.
It very well may be.
But he…is fixing to rewrite it.


Clubwhore is far from your typical MC book. Usually in biker books we're made to hate the clubwhore's that wander around half naked and typically try to hit on the Heroes of the story. Well this book is told from Delilah's POV, she's a clubwhore for the Devil's Renegade MC. 

I haven't read anything from Kim Jones before but I'm kicking myself for that face. I loved the writing in this because it was like Delilah was telling us a story. It seemed very personal, as if the story was being told just for you, no one else, and I really liked that. 

Delilah was a very messed up heroine, she had a lot of issues she was dealing with in the best way she knew how. It wasn't always the healthiest or most sane way, but she did what she needed to do to feel better. I liked her character for the majority of the book, especially in the beginning when we were still getting to know her. There was some frustration with her closer to the end when she started to get too whiny for me, but I did enjoy reading about her life. 

Bryce became her savior and took it upon himself to help the damaged part of her. I really liked his character, how kind and tough he was with Delilah, and he was exactly what she needed to heal. Having one POV usually isn't my favorite thing, but with this story I thought it was great that we didn't get Bryce's because it added more mystery to his character. Even without knowing too much about him I liked him - plus he was hotttt.

Overall, I think everyone that likes MC stories needs to read this book. It was a great change from what we usually get and definitely unique. I may not have read this author in the past but I plan on changing that and catching up with her books.

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