Sunday, November 15, 2015

One Insatiable

One wounded panther, one restless lynx, one insatiable hunger. 

Mercy Quinlan is a whip-smart lynx and the youngest in her shifter clan. She’s tough and independent and dreams of escaping her alpha sister’s control and living life on her own terms.

When a lone black panther shows up in her hometown, Mercy is intrigued. He’s just passing through, which makes him perfect… Along with his broad shoulders, defined muscles, and sexy fighter moves.

Koa “Stitch” Raiden is picking up what’s left of his broken life. Exiled from his black panther clan, he’s running from Princeton to Seattle when he’s drawn to Woodland Creek.

He’s aware Mercy is watching him. What he doesn’t know is the sexy little vixen who sneaks through his window each night is both the trouble he doesn’t need and the hope he can’t live without. 

A STANDALONE Alpha Shifter Romance with an HEA, loosely related to the One to Hold series. Contains alluring alpha heroes, scorching-hot shifters, and panty-melting sexy times. Keep the fans nearby... Readers 18 and older only, please.


OMG Koa is one hot shifter he can bite me any day ;) 

Mercy as worked at Andy's gyms for a while she luvs working there an luvd doing her pottery but she want to move to San Francisco an do more get her own shop she as so many dream an she will make them happen but she doesn't know them at other people have plans for her Koa as had a bad time later an need to get his life back on track he has done bad things best he wants to make his life better he as decided to move from Princeton an wants to move to Chicago to start a new life he needs a fresh start 

Mercy is having a hard time at home he sister is the alpha of her pack since her parents died an she want let her do much she wants to move out like her sister but Dylan won't let her an this is frustrating for Mercy she needs time away this is where being a shifter is great u can just run as far as u want an not worry about anything but this time she runs into a very big black panther/Koa her being a lynx she is smaller but she doesn't let anyone intimated her she now's how to look after herself an alway will but there is something about this shifter that draws her to him once they have turned human they need each other more than they think they r both stressed out with there life's an they need the sexual release but I don't think they knew just how much thinks would change 

This book is totally amazing I was glued to it after page 1 I've luvd Tia Louise's books so much an after reading her first PNR book One Immoral I was dying to know what else she had planned an I wasn't disappointed at al this was hot like really hot I luvd how Koa an Mercy got together an how there relationship grown so strong it's was so good to read I thought they story had a great flow an I m dying for more an I m not a fan of PNR but she as really made me want more I've not read about shifter I've had them in other book just not a book where it's been just about them an I really enjoyed it I would actually want more from these to character I think Kia is a great character he is so big an strong an the way he luvs Mercy just made him luv him so much Mercy is a strong woman I did enjoy her just as much there just brilliant together I did luv how the book had a bit of a connection to One To Love that boon is great as well I highly recommend that an this book there just amazing xxx 

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