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Easy Charm

Title: Easy Charm
Series: Boudreaux Book 2
Author: Kristen Proby
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Gabrielle Boudreaux, the youngest of the Boudreaux clan, is a single mother of her young son, Sam. Running a Bed and Breakfast at the family plantation house at the edge of the Mississippi River, Gabby loves her inn, her boy and her family. She meets new people every day, and takes pride in the house and land that has been in her family for more than five generations. Blessed beyond measure, she’s also lonely, although she would never admit that to anyone. Until Rhys O’Shaughnessy walks through her door, brooding and wounded and the sexiest thing she’s ever laid eyes on.

Rhys has been at the top of his game as a major league pitcher for the Chicago Cubs for more than ten years. Baseball is in his blood. But when he tears his rotator cuff and has to sit a season out, he retreats to Inn Boudreaux at the recommendation of his cousin, Kate, to heal and work toward building his shoulder back to perfect shape with only one goal in mind: to return to the game he loves. But he didn’t plan on being utterly charmed by a devastatingly beautiful woman and her baseball-loving son.

When Rhys’ shoulder has healed and he’s given the chance to return to his team, will he leave the family he’s come to love behind, or will he stay with Gabby and Sam?

Before I start...

After a shoulder injury puts baseball player, Rhys O'Shaughnessy out of the game for a season, he takes a vacation to New Orleans, where his cousin Kate is. There, he is automatically taken with Gabby, the owner of the Inn, and her son Sam. Gabrielle Boudreaux is a single mother who never takes time for herself. But when Rhys shows up and takes an interest, she has to dust off those flirting skills she hasn't used in years to get her man. 

Le Sigh, Rhys was just wonderful. I loved his character and how sweet he was with both Gabby and Sam. He was so amazing with Sam and the two of them together were absolutely adorable. I loved how he would play with Gabby's hair whenever she was near and just had a need to always be touching her, it was so cute and made my lady parts feel things

Gabby was such a strong character and I really admired her. She had the help of her family but she did a lot on her own and handled it really well. Being hurt in the past, she was careful to trust Rhys fully but she let him in, despite her fears, and I liked how she didn't fight the connection too much.

This book is full of love, support, a little suspense and I couldn't get enough of it. Rhys was a charmer so watch out,ladies! He will charm the panties right off of you. I wasn't even done this book before I was already looking forward to the next one and now I will just sit here and wait...

And just because,

Luvd luvd luvd this book it was so good 
Gabby as got great family an thank god after great pregnant 2 her high school bf Colbywho didn't give a shit about her she totally deserved a bit of loving her family r really close an with her bein the youngest sometime it's hard cause they r so protective an after she had Sam her gorgeous baby boy they r alway there 4 each other 
when Kate's cousin Rhys a famous baseball players comes 2 stay in the inn 2 recover from an injury she does expect him bein so easy on the eye an with Sam bein a baseball fan an a Rhys fan he is just everywhere she turn he is great with Sam an Sam adores him loads an give him so much time but Rhys luvs spend in time with both Gabby an Sam he ends up helpin Gabby at the inn an this only make Gabby fall harder 4 him she hasn't been with anyone since shit head Colby she just hasn't had the time with Sam an get the inn up an running but she does al this on her own she is 1 amazin woman 

When Rhys gets 2 the inn he shocked how much he is attracted 2 Gabby there pull is strong he feels like he just has 2 touch her he thinks she is the most gorgeous woman he as ever seen an they start flirting straight away will Rhys does Gabby is a lil rusty on the flirting part after havin Sam so young she doesn't have much experience with men but whatever Rhys has she just can't get enough either the sexual tension starts from the first time they set eyes on each other Ye it mite sound corny but it's so true an it's just great 2 c Gabby need someone 2 luv her an give her what she needs so she does start 2 let her guard down 

Gabby is an amazin mother an Sam comes first always so it was good 2 c her come out of her shell with Rhys an she needed it al she does it work an look after Sam she needed time on her own an with his help he managed 2 get her on her own he knew just how amazin she was they were just made 4 each other an when they decided it was time 2 move 4ward in the bedroom they were great she luvd his dirty talk an the way he made her feel she had never felt that good b4 
The feels Rhys had 4 Gabby were new 4 him 2 he was fed up with just hook in up an wanted someone how he could have a relationship with an he did plan on findin anyone but once he saw Gabby he just knew she was it the way he was with Sam was so good he us just so great I luvd his character an god is the guy sexy as hell he is so big an strong he is just wow

I really enjoyed this book from page 1 it was great I hated putting it down the story just grabbed me just like al KP's books they never disappoint me I luv how the family r so close an stick 2gether an the way Gabby an Rhys fell 4 each other straight away I can't wait 4 more if this series I just need more now 

I recommend this book an series her book r great xxx 

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