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Title: Vérité
Author: Rachel Blaufeld
Publication Date: June 2015
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That’s me—Tingly Simmons—athlete, foreign-language major, professor lover, obsessed idiot girl. Definitely not a frat rat or sorority slut. I’ve never even played beer pong.

I ditched the vapid, soulless high-society life of Los Angeles for the promise of something more meaningful in rural Ohio. Accepting a track scholarship for college, I tried running my way to happiness, but instead I ended up sleeping with my French professor and falling head over heels for him.

When that relationship fell apart, so did I.

Barely hanging on by a thread and using the most absurd coping skills, I was determined to hide behind my past indiscretions. That was, until I met Tiberius Jones. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d learn the truth about love from a six-foot-five basketball player.

This was just great I could put it down Rachel just keeps getting better an better.

This story is about Tingly she as had a pretty messed up life so far an she is only just turnin 21 she is a really bright girl she's has an athletic scholarship an knows 3 foreign languages she as had a really shitty yr she made the mistake of fallin 4 her French teacher Pierre an got caught she thought the world of him but he just left her then her spleen failed and had 2 have a op on that there is only so much someone could take but this was the start of an new yr so she just wanted 2 get on with her work an enjoy her running she knew everyone knew what had happened with her an Pierre but she just kept her head down 
With everything that had happened last yr Tingly had 2 go back an do study hall it was part of the scholarship this is where she bumped into the gorgeous Tiberius he is on the basketball team an he seem 2 like her but Tingly doesn't want 2 get close 2 anyone after goin through the shit yr an then goin through therapy but Ty c her differently an she finds it hard 2 believe but she just keeps pushin him away even though she does think he would b what she needs so just not sure if she can do it again 
I thought this story was really really good I did like Tingly even though she can b a lil annoyin at times but her parents an just bastards I can't believe the things they will do 4 money it's just sick an then the whole Pierre stuff was so hard on her an then the way she grow up with her shitty parent an they wonder why she was wild an ended up leaving 2 live on her own she is a really strong character an I do like that about her the only thing at did annoy me was the way she just kept pushin Ty away even after everything he does u just know hes a great guy 

Tiberius/Ty is just so caring sexy an would just do anything 4 u his carin side is so cute it just made me luv his character I just could get enough of him even with the stuff that Tingly as been through he doesn't care the past is the past but al Tingly ever does is run it another thing this man as is patience cause thing get rough between then she just runs an it's so annoyin cause there so good 2gether sexy time is hot an the kissin is hot but Ty just won't just up on them

The book is really well written an the story is filled with everything u need 4 a great story the characters were great an not just the main 1 I would luv more from Jamel an Stacey I liked the way that got put in so I would luv 2 know what happened there but I would high recommend this book an the rest of her books there great xxx
*ARC provided by the author for an honest review*

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