Sunday, June 7, 2015

Training the Secret

Title: Training the Secret
Series: Corrigan & Co. Book 6
Author: Crystal Perkins
Publication Date: June 21, 2015

A woman who’s already lost too much, but still has more to give...

The government couldn't protect a teenage Jade Garrett, but Corrigan & Co. could. She joined the Society, and has built a life for herself, surrounded by friends who love her, and the man who doesn’t. Thinking she’s finally safe, she runs home to her ailing father, leaving her new life behind.

A man who escaped his past, but not the hold it has on him...

Nate Anderson doesn't hesitate to go after Jade, finally admitting that he loves her. Being with her helps to keep the darkness inside of him at bay, but he knows it’s only a matter of time before the ugliness of his past rears its head, demanding payment for his sins.

When one SECRET is discovered, the rest will follow, and all the training in the world may not be able to save what’s broken.


 Just a warning, people. Nate Anderson is mine and I am willing to fight you for him!
Nate and Jade have been circling each other this whole series. Jade hasn't hidden her feelings toward him and tried to get his attention, but each time Nate would just run scared. Now, Jade has decided to give up on Nate, and is on her way back home to visit her dad, thinking that her past life is out of danger. Faced with the possibility that Jade may never be in his life again, Nate goes after her and decides it's time to fight for what he wants.

"When you disappeared, I thought my life was over. I've been through a lot of shit over the years, but nothing felt as bad as the thought that you'd left me, and weren't coming back."

Seriously guys, Nate is all for me! I loved him from the second he got to Jade and he became this shy, adorable guy fumbling over his words while he tried to get his girl. He had his sexy possessive, badass side but when it came to Jade he was vulnerable and sweet and I just wanted to cuddle him. Hands down, no contest, Nate is my favorite Hero by Crystal Perkins. He had a lot of secrets that I was dying to find out and when I finally did...well just be sure to have a whole box of tissues with you. Nate was so sexy and sweet and just all around the perfect guy.

It kills me to say this, because I love love love Crystal Perkins' heroines (which is rare for me) but I actually didn't like Jade that much. I just didn't connect to her at all and there were a lot of times that I got annoyed when she seemed to lash out at Nate. Maybe I'm just protective of my Nate. Yes, I said my Nate.

Overall, this is a kickass story that I loved! Just this one book broke my heart, and then put it back together again. It is definitely different than that first books in the series, and took a different, more emotional turn but it worked out great and as always, I can't wait for more!

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.

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