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Title: Attraction
Series: Elements of Chemistry Book 1
Author: Penny Reid
Publication Date: April 6, 2015

One week.
Private beach.
Invisible girl.
Jerk-faced bully.
What’s the worst that could happen?

Kaitlyn Parker has no problem being the invisible girl, which is why she finds herself hiding in various cabinets and closets all over her college campus. Despite her best efforts, she can’t escape the notice of Martin Sandeke—bad boy, jerkface bully, and the universe’s hottest, wealthiest, and most unobtainable bachelor—who also happens to be Kaitlyn’s chemistry lab partner.

Kaitlyn might be the only girl who isn’t interested in exploiting his stunning rower’s build, chiseled features, and family's billionaire fortune. Kaitlyn wants Martin for his brain, specifically to tabulate findings of trace elements in surface water.

When Kaitlyn saves Martin from a nefarious plot, Martin uses the opportunity to push Kaitlyn out of her comfort zone: spring break, one week, house parties, bathing suits, and suntan lotion. Can she overcome her aversion to being noticed? Will he be able grow beyond his self-centered nature? Or, despite their obvious chemistry, will Martin be the one to drive Kaitlyn into the science cabinet of obscurity for good?


I m not sure what I think 
Kaitlyn Parker is a nerd but a very funny nerd she likes 2 do weird things an like hide out in cupboards she is a very intelligent girls an she pretty much keeps herself 2 herself her chemistry lab partner Martin Sandeke is 1 of the most popular guy in school an 1 if the must richest she get on with him an thinks he's totally gorgeous but he is a total man whore when Kaitlyn is havin 1 of her hide out moments she in the lab room she over hears a guy an girl talkin about Martin an how they r goin 2 set him up she wants 2 tell Martin what they were sayin but when he kisses her things go out of her head so she as no choice 2 go 2 a party 2 warn him but when she does warn him it not the only thing that happens they end up fooling around an he asks her 2 go away with him 4 the week Kaitlyn just can't seem 2 day no 2 him an she ends up promising him she will go she as loads of question in her head why he wants her when he can have anybody  

Kaitlyn is a great character I luv her personality she makes me laugh through the book she just as no filter an it's great I do find that whatever is goin on 2 between her an Martin that she just gives in 2 him there very hot 2gether an one thing I do like is she doesn't know how sexy an beautiful she is her dress sense is simple Jean baggy t-shirt an chucks an this 1 think that Martin luvs about her 2 they r good 2gether sexual an when there just chillin I want 2 know how things work out 

I find Martin a bit of a mystery 2 b honest I want 2 know more about him I do like the way he pushes Kaitlyn out of her comfort zone but he is quite dominant an knows what he wants he's never told no but he comes from a wealth family so he's probably never told no but Kaitlyn as only been in 1 relationship an that didn't go well so she's not goin 2 let her guard down just because of Martin al of a sudden wants her there is a lot 2 know about Martin an she will find it out 

I found this book great in parts an then a lil slow in parts I m not mad on the whole drug part but that's just me the end was a bad cliffy I m just delighted I have the next book ready it would of killed me I have a feelin that's there is something big goin 2 happen I just done want Kaitlyn getting hurt I do really like her can't wait 2 c what happens now overall a good book just think it needed more in part xxx 

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