Friday, May 29, 2015

The Comeback

Title: The Comeback
Series: Beware Book 2
Author: Shanora Williams
Publication date: April 21, 2015

Three years passed.
Long and brutal.
Lonely and sometimes scary.
But he swore he’d find me—that’d he’d do everything to get me back. Well, his word was final. His word was true. He’s back. 

Ace Crow: Ruthless. Deadly. Risky. An extremely bad man. I’m everything he’s not. I’m the missing piece to his disturbing puzzle. But he’s mistaken about one thing. No one said getting me back was going to be easy. There are always consequences to ones actions. There are always hidden truths. There is always betrayal.
Things aren’t so simple anymore. My life has changed dramatically. Bringing him back in will only be dragging me back down.
I’m afraid.
I shouldn’t.
But I love him.
A lot.
I’m a fool.

BEWARE, my beating heart. 


Ace Crow is back baby.
I m so so so delighted we got more of Mr Crow an the gorgeous London I did know how this was goin 2 go after the end in of the last book an I have 2 say the book stuck with me 4 ages it was just great an Ace is just totally hot I luv himLondon is getting on with her life well tryin 2 it's hard 2 try an get over Ace but with Aden an Grey she seems 2 b doin ok but it as been 3 yrs so its been a while since she's seen him the only thing she as that is another 2 do with Ace is Aden an Bianca so it is hard 4 her an then when Ace comes back she gets the shock of her life but it brings back everything she felt 4 him plus more but she needed answers an promises but Ace as changed an after everything he's been through I m not surprised but he doesn't want 2 tell her the things that happened but London is his an he's not goin 2 stop till she's back where she's belongs but Ace is goin 2 have 2 pull some strings 2 make this happen.

1 thing London can't resist is Ace an his super hot body an she knows how hot the r 2gether in bed an out but there sexy time is sizzling hot rough an very naughty an they both can't get enough an after 3yrs they r mad 4 each other 

I was worried how this book was goin go cause like I said I luvd the first 1 so much but I wasn't disappointed with this book it was so good I couldn't get enough the story was amazin I did work out how an bein the back stabbing ass an was a lil shocked but it made it so good I luvd what London did 2 Ace we didn't really get 2 c much of Aces soft side in the first book but his soft side just made me luv him more cause he could turn into the old Crow so quick an I have 2 say I find that so hot

Overall the book was AMAZIN but I think u can tell from the above ;) haha I really recommend this series so much just so u can meet the sexy ass Ace but the story is so good an the characters r great an I luvd the end of this book after the twists an turns so good xxx 

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