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In upcoming months we will be less active on the blog. You are welcome to email any review requests you may have but responses will be slow and we will not be accepting many review copies. 

**Please email all review requests, comments, or questions to: escapingintobooks@gmail.com

Authors, please include the following information when emailing: 
- Title
- Publication date
- Genre
- Series? Stand-alone? Cliffhanger?
- Blurb 
- Goodreads/Amazon Link

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  1. Dear Sabrina, Michelle & Alice,

    I loved reading your bios and personal stories. After all the romance fiction you've all read I'm hoping you'd take a chance on a real life love story.

    I am writing to request a review of AFFAIRYTALE, a Memoir.

    "...a love story of epic proportions." -Reading Escapade Book Blog
    "We found ourselves riveted....extremely addictive and un-put-downable..." TotallyBookedBlog

    I'd recommend the 60 sec book trailer for the quickest synopsis. https://youtu.be/zUDhKkyKol0

    Below are additional links for your consideration. I have no deadline and would be happy to send however many and any format you wish. I’d totally be down for paperback giveaways, and would help to promote your blog in any way I can. I truly hope to hear from you.